The New London Singers

The New London Singers is our SATB (mixed-voice) Jewish choir made up of about 15 congregants. The group was formed by Cantor Jason shortly after his arrival in London (August, 2013) as a part of his vision for a high-quality volunteer choir that could participate in musical events in and around the New London community and generate a great deal of congregational pride. It quickly became clear that the new group could - and wanted to - participate in our services as a powerful force in the act of prayer. 

Our Shabbat and holy day music ranges from the most traditional -- with a focus on Nusach Anglia -- to the more contemporary (Finkelstein, Zim, Glass, etc.), and is meant to beautify and dignify the prayers and imbue the liturgy with appropriate meaning and reverence (and occasionally, "toe-tapping fun"!). Cantor Jason pays special attention to blend and balance, creating a particularly elegant choral sound. He is known among the choristers for inspiring a solid work ethic and achieving results of which they and the congregation can truly be proud... and sharing in many smiles along the way.

The choir rehearses weekly on Mondays from 8:00pm to 9:30pm. In addition to learning about musical prayer in its various forms, choristers also learn basic music reading skills and music theory as we work on new arrangements. We have participated in our Synagogue's Krystallnacht observance, Shabbat Shirah services, the Shul's 50th Anniversary Civic Service and Induction of Cantor Jason. The choir now sings about every 6-8 weeks during regular Shabbat morning services (Torah service and Musaf), and throughout the High Holy Days.

Our doors are always open to potential new recruits! We welcome potential singers to rehearsals to 'check us out' and see if they too might enjoy contributing to the choir and to the shul in a musical role. We welcome Jewish sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses!

For more information about the choir, please contact Cantor Jason ( or on 07584 321262.

Service Times

Friday night: 6:30pm
Shabbat morning: 9:15am
Sunday: 9:00am

Rosh Chodesh:

7:15am weekdays
followed by breakfast
or 8:45am Sundays

Minyan Chadash:

9:45am monthly
See calendar.

Candle lighting based on 18 minutes before sundown; Havdalah based on 8.5 degrees below horizon (Shitat HaG'onim).

Connect With Us

New London Synagogue
33 Abbey Road

Tel: 020 7328 1026

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