Cheder - Aleph Champ Hebrew Learning Programme Books

We use the Aleph Champ Hebrew reading programme. This is a £5 refundable deposit. Students work through one booklet at a time, trading in each book for the next level as they complete it, without additional deposits as long as the book is returned without having been written in or otherwise defaced. At the conclusion of the programme, if all books are returned in good condition, the £5 deposit is refunded.



 Returns Policy: Returns or refunds are given at the discretion of New London Synagogue
on a case by case basis. Please contact the office at the email below.

Prices quoted are in the currency GBP (British Pound, '£') unless otherwise specified.

Participant £ figures listed on event flyers and booking pages are not couverts/entrance fees, but rather 'minimum donations' to the synagogue.

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