Upcoming Egalitarian Service Dates


Torah Egalitarian services include offering aliyot, opportunities to read from Torah and haftarah, standing s'gan, shamash, hagbahah and g'lilah to both men and women.

Fully Egalitarian services are Torah Egalitarian (as above), and additionally, the prayers (ie., P'sukei D'zimrah, Shacharit, Torah Processional or Recessional, Musaf, etc.) can be led by women as well as men (although most are led by our Cantor). Seating of men and women are designated as either "separate" or "mixed" areas.

Service Times

Friday night: 6:30pm
Shabbat morning: 9:15am
Sunday: 9:00am

Rosh Chodesh:

7:15am weekdays
followed by breakfast
or 8:45am Sundays

Minyan Chadash:

9:45am monthly
See calendar.

Candle lighting based on 18 minutes before sundown; Havdalah based on 8.5 degrees below horizon (Shitat HaG'onim).

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