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Our Origin and Philosophy

New London Synagogue was founded in 1964 by Rabbi Dr. Louis Jacobs, z"l, as a Congregation devoted to traditional Judaism with an ideology which interprets the Torah and Jewish teachings in the light of contemporary knowledge and scholarship. We have always been a pioneering congregation, leading the way to an enlightened Judaism and representing a rare combination of intellectual integrity together with loyalty to the finest traditions of the Jewish way of life.

A Web site has been launched dedicated to promoting the teachings and approach of our Founder Rabbi, Dr. Louis Jacobs, z"l,  one of the world's most distinguished rabbinic scholars and authors. To visit the site click here -

Our services are traditional and we use the new Authorised Daily Prayer Book with commentary by former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, and both the Hertz and Etz Hayyim Chumashim. Our main service is led by a professional Chazan (Cantor Jason Green) and seeks to maintain the finest musical traditions of Anglo Jewry.  Men and women sit separately with parallel seating downstairs and a Ladies Gallery upstairs. Women are counted in the Minyan and encouraged to say Kaddish. 

We also have a second service - Minyan Chadash - that is less formal, participatory, and fully egalitarian. Minyan Chadash generally meets on the first Shabbat of each month and on the chagim. Click here for the Minyan Chadash page.

The congregation are invited to kiddush every Shabbat after the service. There's something very special about eating together as a community: we share in the mitzvah of sanctifying Shabbat over wine or a l'chayim (whiskey); we enjoy delicious kosher food together; and we get a weekly schmooze with friends both old and new. If you're interested in sponsoring a kiddush, please click the button at left (or mobile users, below).

We recognise that Judaism has always been a combination of tradition and change, an ever-evolving search for an understanding of God's teachings and for the way of life which will be pleasing in God's eyes.  It is our belief that 21st-century Judaism can be flexible enough to meet the challenges of new times, yet firm enough to remain loyal to the core of Jewish tradition and practice.

Through our extensive programme of services, classes, lectures, life cycle events, Bar/Bat Mitzvah training, conversion classes and communal celebrations we provide our members with opportunities for religious, spiritual and intellectual growth.

As a member of Masorti Judaism and the World Council of Conservative Synagogues - we are a part of a large, world-wide movement of like-minded groups with close ties to congregations and individuals in Israel and throughout the world.

Service Times

Friday night: 6:30pm
Shabbat morning: 9:15am
Sunday: 9:00am

Rosh Chodesh:

7:15am weekdays
followed by breakfast
or 8:45am Sundays

Minyan Chadash:

9:45am monthly
See calendar.

Candle lighting based on 18 minutes before sundown; Havdalah based on 8.5 degrees below horizon (Shitat HaG'onim).

Connect With Us

New London Synagogue
33 Abbey Road

Tel: 020 7328 1026

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