Rosh Hashanah 5782
September 2021



Dear Friends

This has been the most extraordinary year, filled with significant challenges for all of us.

I have been grateful and privileged to hear from so many of you that you have felt supported by the community in small and large ways whether it was through New London’s online or in-building services, our online Salons and youth programming, a lifecycle event or through NLS staff and volunteer outreach to stay connected and in touch with one another.

As we emerge from Covid and look forward to the coming year, it seems particularly important to rebuild pathways for our youth, who missed out on most face-to-face experiences, and continue to build connections for our membership at all different ages and stages in life. Committed to providing a vibrant home for a traditional, egalitarian, open-hearted and open-minded Jewish community, we can only achieve this with financial support beyond the levels of membership income.

I’m also asking members to support the work of UJIA in Israel. In this flyer, you can read about projects to provide out-of-school support to at-risk youth in Shlomi, using football to achieve social mobility and build towards the prosperous, peaceful vision we all have for a land I love and feel obligated towards. For more information on both these causes and information on how to make a financial contribution, please see here.

I am sensitive that dealing with Covid this past year has financially impacted many of us. However, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur call us to consider our obligations to others above our own needs, as pressing as our needs feel. There is no better way to feel generous and broad-hearted than to support someone else. Thank you for your generosity.

May these acts of tzedakah bring for us all the year of health and happiness we seek.

Rabbi Jeremy