New London is a meeting place for tradition and modernity; a place for open minds and open hearts. We are a diverse crowd, hailing from around the globe and across – and even beyond – the Jewish community. We make our religious home in a Synagogue that celebrates difference, loves tradition and is committed to our future.

Located in St Johns Wood, London, we are the founding Synagogue of British Masorti Judaism, the spiritual home of one of Britain’s greatest Rabbis, Louis Jacobs, and are affiliated with the American Conservative movement.

As well as services we’ve an active education programme, for adults and youth and a social calendar of events. We are proud of the work of our Drop-In Centre supporting destitute asylum seekers with food, clothing and funds and look to play our part in the forging of a strong, peaceful and kind broader society. We are delighted to welcome new members and guests and will offer support in any way we can.

You can learn more on this site, or contact for more information.