Why, the Rabbis ask, did God begin the creation of humanity with one primordial ‘Adam’? Partly, they say, so no-one can claim that their ancestors are more important than anyone else’s ancestors – for we all share the same ancestor. And partly to understand the magnificence of our creator, for when a human monarch mints a new coin, each coin comes out looking the same as every other. But the Holy Blessed One created humanity from a single mould of the first Adam, and every human being is unique and different from every other.

Diversity is part of the Divine plan for creation. At New London we are proud of the diversity of our community and want to offer the warmest of welcome to all who want to join us.

We have drafted this statement of welcome and inclusion for anyone with questions about inclusion in our wonderful community.



Our beautiful building has been a synagogue since the late 1800s. We aim to ensure that the building is as accessible as possible. NLS offers step-free access to our sanctuary and function rooms, and we have ground-floor access-friendly toilet facilities available. Wheelchair users are welcome, and we can advise on any questions related to seating in the sanctuary.

We use amplification and have a T-loop system available in the sanctuary. Our T-loop system was reviewed by one visitor as “the best of any I’ve heard” and “for the first time ever I was able to hear every syllable of the service and sermons clearly dramatically increasing my involvement.” We’re grateful for all feedback as well as pointers as to how we can increase and improve accessibility for all members and visitors.  Please contact the office for more information.


Gender and Sexual Orientation

NLS welcomes and looks to support and celebrate LGBTQ+ individuals, couples, and families. We are opposed to any kind of discrimination based on sexuality or gender. We support individuals’ self-definition of gender.

All New London Synagogue clergy officiate at same-sex weddings. We are able to register such ceremonies in civil law.


Young Children

We love children. We understand that our very young members sometimes find it difficult to sit in silence through services – that’s OK. However, we do expect silence during the sermon. We offer services for children and we have a creche space available just outside the sanctuary. The creche is also available as a quiet space for nursing. We consider nursing with a covering to be appropriate in the main sanctuary.


Jewish Cultural Diversity

NLS is an Ashkenazi synagogue and our prayers follow Ashkenazi customs. We use contemporary Israeli pronunciation (Yitgadal rather than Yisgadal). We are also delighted to hear Torah tropes and tunes from other cultures.

Non-Jewish Cultural Diversity

If you are a friend or family member of a Jewish person, interested in conversion, or simply wish to join us for a service – you are most welcome to join us for services. For security purposes, it would be helpful for us to know that you are planning to visit in advance. If that’s the case, please feel free to contact office@newlondon.org.uk. If you are particularly interested in our conversion programme, please look here for more information.


If you have any questions about inclusivity and welcome, or if there is anything you think we could do to ensure that you feel welcome, please don’t hesitate to contact rabbi.jeremy@newlondon.org.uk or rabbi.natasha@newlondon.org.uk.