The arrival of a baby brings joy to the whole community. Please notify the office so we can wish you Mazal Tov.

We encourage members to have a Baby Blessing in the Synagogue. The Blessing would normally take place on a Shabbat morning towards the end of the Torah service. Please contact the Synagogue office,, to plan the event.

Why not invite the whole community to celebrate and sponsor a Kiddush? The office will provide you with details.

If you have a baby boy, the Rabbi will be pleased to recommend a Mohel to perform a Brit Milah. If you would like the ceremony to take place in the Synagogue, we will do all we can to accommodate you.

Brit Milah

Jewish baby boys are circumcised by a trained person with a medical background, known as a Mohel.

The ceremony takes place on the 8th day after the baby’s birth, even if that is a Shabbat or a religious festival unless medical reasons mandate a delay.

The ceremony, known as “Brit Milah”, is joyous and family and friends are invited to attend. It usually takes place in the home of the parents or grandparents, but we are happy to make arrangements for it to take place here in the synagogue. It is traditional to offer the guests drinks and snacks after the ceremony.

First point of contact, Rabbi Jeremy Gordon,

Pidyon Ha’Ben

Jewish tradition believes that the firstborn son of an Israelite must be redeemed from a Cohen when the child is thirty days old.

Pidyon Ha’Ben only takes place if the baby boy is not the son of a Cohen or Levi, and is the first born child of the mother, born naturally, who has not been previously pregnant.

If you do not have a friend or family member who is a Cohen, we can invite someone suitable to attend and assist you. And, we can assist with getting hold of the ceremonial coins.

For the ceremony to be valid, you will need to purchase the coins, usually done in the form of a donation to the synagogue. The Cohen will not charge for his time or services.

First point of contact, Rabbi Jeremy Gordon,