New London Synagogue is a member of the Western Burial Society and our burial ground is at the Western Cemetery (Cheshunt).  Membership is only available to full members of the Synagogue. Details can be obtained from the Synagogue office.

Western Burial Society

020 7724 7702 (during office hours)
020 7723 7246 (out of office hours)

Western Cemetery (Cheshunt)

Bulls Cross Ride, EN7 5HT
019 9271 7820

For pastoral emergencies or in the event of a bereavement

Please contact Rabbi Jeremy on 079 7371 3193. An initial text message is the best way of ensuring a speedy response.

In the event of a bereavement, members of the burial scheme should also contact the Western Burial Society directly at one of the numbers above. The burial society will arrange matters with the undertakers and cemetery. Their email is

We will arrange officiants for the burial service and shivah and can provide shivah chairs and special prayer books which need to be collected from and returned to the Synagogue.

To arrange a tombstone consecration

Please contact the Rabbi’s Secretary ( in the first instance.

Map & directions to Western Cemetery