Head of Cheder

We are recruiting a new Head of Cheder. In the light of the coronavirus lock-down we are not able to proceed on a ‘normal’ timetable. Any potential candidate is warmly invited to contact us to discuss this exciting position as soon as possible.


The Cheder at New London provides dynamic, age-appropriate Jewish learning for the youth of New London Synagogue, from Reception to academic Year 8. 62 children are currently registered.

Leading this provision is your responsibility.
This includes responsibilities for Hebrew and Jewish studies and balancing between the twin goals of our education programme; ‘lighting sparks’ and ‘filling buckets.’ You will also be responsible for ensuring the Cheder provides both a social and a safe experience for its students and staff.

The expectation is that there will be at least 30 Cheder sessions in the 5781 Academic Year, almost exclusively on a Sunday morning, supplemented by three staff-training dates over the course of the academic year. It is envisioned that you will teach in-class yourself for at least half of the Cheder day.

In order to ensure the effective and efficient running of the Cheder you will;
• Manage teachers, teaching assistants and the Cheder Administrator and the curricula they deliver. This includes responsibility for ensuring all those with contact with our youth have a DBS.
• Ensure parents receive clear, timely communication regarding calendar and related information as well as updates on the learning experience of their children. You will also facilitate social interaction between parents within year cohorts.
• Work with other Synagogue professionals;
You will be supported by our Cheder Administrator who supports the delivery of the Cheder programme on Sundays and for three hours during the week.

You will work alongside;
o Rabbi Natasha Mann who will teach in the Cheder – reporting to you – and also has responsibility for youth provision outside the Cheder.
o Chazan Stephen Cotsen who will teach in the Cheder – reporting to you – and also has responsibility as our BM Co-ordinator.
o Our Operations Manager to ensure caretaking, financial, HR and other managerial functions can be performed in a timely, well organised manner.

You will report to Rabbi Jeremy Gordon, who will teach for part of the morning, and also has responsibility religious direction of the community.
• Be part of the Synagogue’s Youth Committee which provides practical assistance and serve as a sounding board ensuring parents understand the needs of the Cheder and vice versa.

• The Cheder takes place at New London Synagogue – unless trips are planned. On Sundays when Cheder takes place, or when there is a staff training, you shall be at the Synagogue from 08:30 – 13:30. (You shall be paid for 33 x 5 hours for these days)
• In addition, you shall provide eight hours weekly in which to do management, administrative and related work. You will have flexibility around the scheduling and location of this element of your work, however you are expected to make yourself reasonably available for managerial and other meetings by arrangement. (You shall be paid for 52 x 8 hours for this work).
• i.e. a total of 581 hours a year, which averages, and will be paid, as 48 hours a month over the year (equivalent to 11 hours a week).
• You shall be entitled to take 4 weeks annual holiday (on a pro-rata basis). Holiday shall be taken during Cheder holidays unless exceptional circumstances apply, such decision to be reasonably made by your line manager.

• You will be paid £19.91 per hour as per our 2019-20 rates to be reviewed for 2020-21. You will also receive pension contributions in-line with legal obligations upon the employer to so do (such obligations also to apply to you). From September 2021 3% of gross salary shall be paid into your nominated pension fund. You will also be obligated to pay 5% into that fund.

• This position is offered as a one year fixed-term contract.

• The successful candidate will be ready to begin the 2020-21 academic year in position. The exact start date of the contracted position is by arrangement, but will ideally include a hand-over period over from the incumbent Head of Cheder, David-Yehuda Stern.

• Candidates are warmly welcomed to contact Rabbi Jeremy to discuss their suitability for the role before applying rabbi@newlondon.org.uk  (please include your phone number with such an enquiry).