In line with governmnet regulations, we are unable to offer in-building services.  We are able to broadcast services.

Rabbi Jeremy, Rabbi Natasha and Chazan Stephen will be leading a live-streamed Friday evening and a Shabbat morning service, from an otherwise empty Synagogue at Expect a more creative approach, but with a heart of a traditional approach to prayer and briefer 6.30pm Friday night and 10.30am Shabbat morning.

New London will continue to offer pastoral and practical support to any member affected by Covid, lockdown or any related stumbling block. This includes a chance for an occasional chat, support with tasks and financial assistance. Please do reach out.

Starting this Saturday, we are launching a 5.30pm Saturday Zoom Havdalah for the Senses in our Zoom Room here. We’ll be joined by fire artists, wine experts and more for what will be a half hour of fun re-engagement with the week on the edge of Shabbat. Everyone is welcome. Particularly well suited for families and also those looking for company in these lonely times.