There are many paths to God. If you feel that Judaism is the route you would like to investigate further, whether for your own spiritual journey or in order to marry a Jewish partner, we will to do all we can to support and assist you.

Our conversion course takes approximately 18 months to complete and is held every Tuesday evening.  After the first module, when we feel you are sufficiently interested and committed, you will be formally invited to join the course.  You will be supported and mentored throughout and will have a private meeting every six months with one of our ministers to discuss your progress and any issues or concerns you may have.

You will learn the history, meanings, traditions and relevance today of our prayers, rituals and festivals. You will learn to read Hebrew and you will learn about modern Judaism and Jewish thinking and its applications in today’s world.

When your minister mentor feels you are “ready”, he will accompany you to the Masorti Beth Din (religious court) for an oral examination. And he won’t put your name forward unless he feels you have at least a 98% chance of success!

Following your successful conversion, you will be issued with a certificate of conversion and be invited to join the synagogue as a member in your own right and be fully welcomed into the world of Masorti Judaism.

If you have a Jewish partner, they will be expected to join the synagogue in their own right from the outset, and to attend the conversion course and participate in the journey with you.

First point of contact: