Our Czech Torah Scroll

We have two Czech Torah scrolls: #1555 ("The Lipnik Scroll"), and #1174 (an orphan scroll, whose plaque has been lost).

The orphan scroll in our Aron Kodesh. This scroll is kosher and in-use.


Sample Klaf (sheet of parchment) from our orphan scroll.


A close-up of the text from our orphan scroll.

Certificate for our Orphan Czech scroll


Plaque on our "Lipnik" scroll


Our Lipnik scroll (currently pasul)


Close-up of text from our Lipnik scroll. Note the distinctive calligraphy of the letter "Pey", as well as the non-justified left margin.


Certificate for our Lipnik Czech scroll

To learn more about the Memorial Scrolls Trust and the nearly-1,600 Sifrei Torah that were rescued from the Holocaust by the Prague Jewish Community, please visit


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